Single IRB Solutions Through Consensus


Formed in 2018 by NYU School of Medicine, the sIRB Alliance builds consensus on solutions for IRBs who agree to act as an sIRB for NIH-funded, domestic, multi-site research. We offer ready-to-implement solutions for policies, procedures and information technology involving multi-site research in efforts to support board adoption of the NIH sIRB model.


Solutions for your Single IRB problems

We encourage sIRBs and research teams to begin using these standardized best practices when submitting to sIRBs reviewing National Institutes of Health funded research.



The sIRB Alliance is developing a free-to-download e-submission platform that allows for effortless data exchange between any participating sites’ e-submission system.



The sIRB Alliance will be holding further consensus building initiatives to standardize administrative processes such as national key terms for electronic submissions systems and more.


OuR Communuity

Over 100 Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium institutions and non-CTSA institutions have contributed to our solutions.