Meet the sIRB Alliance!

Formed in 2018 by NYU School of Medicine to build consensus on solutions for IRBs who agree to act as an sIRB for NIH-funded, domestic, multi-site research. The sIRB Alliance offers ready-to-implement solutions for policies, procedures and information technology involving multi-site research in efforts to support broad adoption of the NIH sIRB model.

The sIRB Alliance’s solutions have been assembled by experts from over 100 research institutions across the country, and provides more than guidance to forming independent solutions. Our solutions have gone through an extensive consensus building process to arrive at a unified approach to sIRB administration. In addition, the sIRB Alliance is working to develop an optimal e-submission platform that allows for effortless data exchange regardless of a participating sites’ e-submission system.

Institutions interested in joining the sIRB Alliance can learn more by subscribing to our electronic mailing list on our website. As a member, you will have access to our standardized solutions, as well as future products and consensus building opportunities. Currently, we offer solutions for the following administrative processes:

·      Informed consent templates

·      Reliance agreements

·      IRB documents and definitions

·      Reportable events and non-compliance reporting

·      Ancillary review committees

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate adoption of the sIRB policy while expanding our network of participants and peers. With a larger network, the sIRB Alliance provides institutions of all sizes and means a voice as we continue to build definitive consensus and streamline the sIRB administrative process. may contact Helen Panageas at